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Administration Headquarter

We are located on the 15th floor of the “Tokyo Bankers Club Build­ing. This stun­ning brick cas­tle melts into a majes­tic mod­ern struc­ture.

Event Planning Headquarters

On the hills of Nice France, facing the mediterranean sea, The Chateau D’ Azur is the most prestigious location on the french riviera.

Content Education Headquarters

An hour south of Seoul Korea, the Asan Marinef center springs from the heart of lavish greenery of beautiful hills and valleys.

Organization & Operational Chart

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International Events

Har­ness­ing the uni­fy­ing spirit of joyful gathering, the creation of beautiful events helps us  make celebration in every occasion.
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IT Social Platform

Everyone in the world  believes in free education for all children, in this way we hope everyone to become a member of Marinef.
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Corporate Networks

Individual membership is free but we would like to see every corporation in the world donate for the sake of education.
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Wealth Associations

Our system infrastructure can  support other foundations or associations with the creation of projects of their own.
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International Events


Corporate Members


Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to save the world

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Registration Information

Interested fact of when we were registered at 2:45 Pm, the exact day, hour and minute of the Fukushima tsunami in March 11, 2011.

Banking Information

Donations are certainly accepted, but in exchange the Marine Foundation always returns benefits to donors money will never buy.

National Leadership

All of our Honorary National Leaders must enter the status of celebrities in show business, business leadership or diplomacy.

Free Scholarship to Every Child


Our Work for Education

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